Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beyonce Shakes Booty in 'Let's Move Flash Workout' Campaign

A trim-looking Beyonce helped ignite the First Lady's "Let's Move Flash Workout" campaign by taking the fight against childhood obesity on the road. While Michelle Obama danced along students at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, D.C., Beyonce busted a move from her "Move Your Body" dance video at P.S. 161 Middle School in Harlem, NY.

Judging from their squeals of delight, the children weren't expecting a visit from the Grammy Award winning R & B singer. And look at how well they're choreographed. Those kids must have been practicing their routine for days.

Hardly a flash mob. More like a well-oiled machine.

Dance steps from the official video -- dropped about a week ago -- were somewhat modified for the campaign. How Beyonce shakes her booty in those six-inch spiked heels is beyond me. You have to have real ballerina balance to pull off a stunt like that.

Busting those moves without breaking her pretty little neck, and on a shiny cafeteria floor no less, well, that's a true inspiration. In fact, I'm so inspired, I may bop up and down a few times myself.

Lord knows, sitting on my big fat lardy behind writing this article, I could sure use the exercise.

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