Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pamela Anderson to China: Stop Slaughter of Baby Seals

Pamela Anderson, the champion of tortured and abused animals everywhere, is at it again. This time, she’s pleading with the government of China to stop importing Canadian seal meat and oil.

Animal rights activists persuaded the European Union to ban imports of seal products, forcing the seal-hunting industry to pursue other prospects. Earlier this year, China began accepting Canada’s seal imports, much to the dismay of people like Anderson.

"Please don't allow China to become a dumping ground for seal meat and oil products that even Canadians don't want," she wrote in a letter to China’s Minister of Land and Resources. She also offered to travel with the Minister to her native Canada to witness "the cruelty of the annual seal slaughter."

Anderson wants a total end to the bloodletting. According to PETA, young seals are corralled and cruelly bludgeoned to death with spiked clubs. The Canadian government counters that North Atlantic fishermen earn up to 35% of their income from the 350-year old commercial kill. They also dispute that seal hunting is inhumane.

I’ve heard of self-deception, but how can the Canadian government look itself in the eye and believe this moronic drivel? Okay, the fishermen need money, I get it. Do innocent baby seals have to get it too? In their cute little furry heads? With spiked clubs dragging broken carcasses across the ice to be skinned alive?

No need for the Chinese Minister to travel all the way from China to Canada. He can witness the bashing of baby seals in the comfort of his own ministry. YouTube has more than enough graphic video to sicken any stomach for a lifetime. Anderson may want to send him copies.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic material that may upset the squeamish. View at your own risk.

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