Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Governator Storylines Spice Up Hackneyed Super Hero

As it turns out, I’m not the only person who thought they got punked by the recent announcement from Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Once the body builder, turned movie star, turned Kennedy in-law, turned Governor of California publicized his foray into – wait for it – cartoons, quips from around the blogosphere ranged from "April Fools," to "Robert Smigel promo," to "He’s got to be kidding."

I'm afraid not.

Sometime next year, Schwarzeneggar plans to launch his crime-fighting character "The Governator" in comic books, followed by an animated TV series, then a computer game, and finally a 3-D movie. Stan Lee is involved with development along with Andy and Amy Heyward of A Squared Entertainment. I know the concept sounds ridiculous, but "The Governator" isn’t messing around.

"I won’t be ba-ack," his muscled avatar quips from the foot of the state house. Drat. After this, I was expecting a run for the presidency.

The trailer plays like any other comic book crime fighter heeding a cry for help. Schwarzeneggar morphs into a formidable super hero fighting evil on a pimped-out motorcycle. He pulverizes robots as they try to rob an armored car, basically saving the day.

This whole tired crime fighting routine has been done so many times in so many incarnations, I fear for the Governator’s survival. During Schwarzeneggar’s transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, shades of Iron Man and Batman abound. Now that he is no longer Governor, his character is no different than those champions of truth and justice. Next thing you know, he’ll be fighting villains nicknamed "The Jester" and "The Puzzler."

The Governator should be a different kind of super hero, someone who fights evil unconventionally. Rather than duplicate what’s been done before, his creators should focus on the political angle. For instance:

• Fighting erupts on the House floor over proposed elimination of earmarks. The Governator steps in to make peace between partisans and reduce budget deficits.

• The President prepares to appoint more department czars without Congressional oversight or approval. The Governator invites him out for beers and during the night they get so sloshed, the President forgets why he needs more czars.

• Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi hatch an evil plot to raise taxes on just about everything Americans use and enjoy. The Governator clobbers them with an iron copy of the Constitution.

• The Governator combats illegal immigration, silent cell operations, energy cost increases, rising food prices, healthcare debacles, foreign policy blunders, government corruption, and general abuses of power.

Hey, I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little excited for 2012.

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