Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Prediction for Celebrity Apprentice Outcome

Sorry folks, there won't be any recap tonight. Personal obligations prevent me from watching tonight's episode. Not that so many people read my weekly rehash. Still, I hate the thought of anyone dropping by for water cooler tidbits and leaving empty handed.

So, I'm setting my sights on the next best thing. Prognostication. Otherwise known as the art of predicting the future and seeing what sticks. Sort of like predicting the Oscars. I might as well take a stab at it.

In last week's episode, after Gary got the ax, the men were down to three team members: John, Lil Jon, and Meat. With almost twice that amount on the women's team, I'm surprised The Donald didn't send a few women over to the men. Okay, I watched the previews. Here's the promo from NBC:

The task was to create an ad campaign for the Trump Hotel collection. Star and John took the lead as PMs. The men decided to go with a "lap of luxury, New York's finest" campaign. The women settled on a "ladies who lunch and lounge" idea. Star called it a celebration of lifestyle: "Individual elegance. Collective luxury."

Knowing what I do about The Donald, I think he'll prefer the women's concept over the men's. That's assuming the women are able to execute Star's vision. That remains to be seen.

Judging from the promos, Nene seems to be getting into everyone's face, including Star's. In case you weren't aware, Nene and Star became bitter rivals after the show. Nene complained that Star was manipulative and controlling. Star also had some choice words about Nene. Bottom line: With tension already brewing between her and LaToya, Nene could tank the team.

In contrast, the men seem focused and determined. Heck, they're down to only three members. They'd better make each one count. I'll bet each man pulls twice his weight in execution. Without Gary, they're a well-oiled machine.

Hard to believe, but I predict victory for the men. And Nene will go down in the boardroom. Just wish I was able to see it as it unfolds.


Wow! I came so close.

As predicted, the women lost and Star took Nene back to the boardroom. But, alas, it was just a ploy to gang up on LaToya. Star took the two of them back to the boardroom and somehow manipulated Nene to throw LaToya under the bus. Nene reconciled with LaToya and worked out their differences before the end of the task. Star's power play was a stroke of genius.

It was Star who created the hotel campaign, Star who delegated the staging, and Star who designed the brochure. By rights, Star should have been the one who got fired. That she was able to topple LaToya by suggesting she was the weakest player on the team -- and getting The Donald to believe LaToya weakened the team despite past impressive performances -- shows what a formidable contender Star will be in weeks to come.


In case anyone is interested, I'm live blogging the finale of this puppy. Here's the link. The way I see it, John Rich walks away with the top prize. Can't wait to see what goes down between Star and Nene, if anything.

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