Thursday, March 31, 2011

Donald Trump Oprah Makeover Possibilities Threaten Presidential Candidacy (Photos)

Does he or doesn't he... only his hairdresser knows for sure...

... want to run for President, that is.

In a pre-election year longing to crown a Republican front-runner, the 2012 campaign is off to a tepid start. Some 2008 also-rans have already stuck toes in the water waiting to see how many fish will take the bait. Judging from the lack of thrashing and hysterical chomping, I'd say it's time to buy better worms.

What better bait than accusing the incumbent President of lying about his birth certificate and of failing to credit Bill Ayers with writing "Dreams of My Father"? The new challenger enters from left field. Talk about starting a feeding frenzy, the media is lapping it up. It seems like every day he comes out swinging, using fighting words to ratchet up the ante.

China is kicking our patooties. Obama is a fraud. Our Constitution is being attacked from within. Blah, blah, blah, stop blaming Bush.

Who has the cajones to so blatantly bait the media?

None other than The Donald, as in Donald Trump, as in Stirring-Up-The-Pot-For-Free-Publicity-Is-Only-An-Outrageous-Sound-Bite-Away Trump. The wheeling-dealing, self-promoting, self-indulgent multi-bazillionaire is, supposedly, seriously considering a run for the presidency. He and his syncophants probably figure if Ronald Reagan could successfully make the transition from Hollywood to Washington so can The Donald. They may be forgetting that Reagan successfully governed the State of California before entering the national arena. Running a real estate empire and firing C-List celebrities on TV are certainly impressive, but not equivalent to running America. This is where the big kids play.

Is Trump ready for national service? Or would his tendency to create controversy taint the civility of the Oval Office?

At least one person thinks Trump could use a makeover, particularly when it comes to his "double combover." President Obama supporter and Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey has offered to restyle The Donald's tresses on her farewell show. No word on whether his camp will accept, but with the entire free world watching Oprah wave a tearful goodbye, how could they refuse? It would be either the publicity coupe of the century or a political boondoggle. No matter. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

In Trump's case, however, his hair could be the exception. Just imagine the possibilities:

Justin Hartley Trump

Nicolas Cage Trump

Michael Bolton Trump

David Beckham Cornrows Trump

David Beckham Fauxhawk Trump

Jude Law Trump

Anderson Cooper Trump

GI Joe Trump

Bad Catskills Combover and Dye Job Trump

Ridiculously High Forehead Trump

Look, I know these artistic renderings are horrible. That's because they weren't shopped. You try matching Trump's complexion to a man with attractive hair. It's darn near impossible.

I sure hope Oprah has an easier time transforming Trump into presidential material.

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JIM said...

Good luck with the blog I started following you. ALL we need is this joker to be president