Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time for Joe Lieberman to Stop Straddling

Rejoice! Sanity has been restored to Washington.

Senate Democrats demonstrated admirable ability to move beyond party pettiness. Senator Joe Lieberman, vocal supporter of Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, will keep his chairmanships of the Homeland Services and Governmental Affairs Committees.

And in a gesture of empowerment to its more liberal factions, Senate Majority Leaders removed Lieberman from the Environment and Public Works Committee, a mere wrist slap yet unmistakable sign of the times.

But let me get something straight. Lieberman, the Democrat running mate of Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election turned Independent in a 2006 bid to keep his Senate seat, remains a member of the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee as well as a registered Democrat?

No wonder influential Connecticut Democrats are gunning to kick him out.

Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to govern as Independents while continuing to register with an opposing party. It’s like polygamy, or in this case bigamy, with Connecticut Democrats getting bitch slapped whenever Daddy plugs the other side.

I’m all for liberty, independent thinking, and voting one’s conscious, but when those actions threaten the agenda of your registered party, it’s time to move on. Willingly or with a friendly shove.

It’s time for Lieberman to stand up for political integrity, not the self-serving politics we all so desperately wish to leave behind.