Monday, November 10, 2008

Neiman Marcusgate Threatens Future Candidacy of Sarah Palin

Governor Palin clothing allowance abuses come to light after election
In the days following Election 2008's historic outcome, scads of Conservatives publicly bemoan rabid personal attacks against Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin and the failure of Senator John McCain, her vanquished running mate, to personally silence detractors.

They can't understand how McCain could defend his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, at a campaign rally, yet allow what's considered malicious gossip to flourish against Governor Palin.

Well, I very well may have happened upon the most plausible explanation to date.


Anonymous said...


Neiman Marcusgate will not be the thing that threatens Palin's future presidency (or rather her attempt to get there). Rather, it is her lack of appeal to those Americans who fall in the center of the left right divide. This lack of appeal is in large part due to a lack of the nuance and tact. Tempering her views in public would place her conservative views within the "acceptable" range of conservative views. For example, Palin is very likely not the only pro-lifer who is against abortion even in cases or rape or incest. However, the accepted pro-life position of candidates for national office includes an exception to allow for abortions in cases of rape or incest. Palin needs to start talking like a mainstream conservative. Obama may be as liberal in his personal beliefs as Palin is conservative, but Obama won because he went towards the middle. Once Palin learns this lesson from Obama she will be in a much better position to seek national office. She can be one of the more right wing conservatives but she must stay within the accepted range of conservative viewpoints. In other words she can play up to the line of conservative viewpoints that Americans, even if they disagree with those viewpoints, will not run the other way. So far she has failed to do this.

One other lesson Sarah can learn from a Dem President is that there is a "vast Left Wing Conspiracy" against her. Just like Clinton played into the hands of his enemies by giving them ammo, Palin cannot afford to give her enemies the ammo they need to bring her down. Clinton ended up impeached because he didn't effectivly deal with his "vast right wing conspiracy" problem. Palin must learn from his mistakes.

Nieman Marcusgate will blow over no later than January 20, 2009.