Monday, November 3, 2008

Help for Undecided Voters

Thank gawd, the mud-slinging, terrorist-mongering, race-and-gender card playing, never-ending 2008 presidential election is about to end. Seems like political contests are starting earlier and earlier. Before you know it, we'll be knee deep in rhetoric for the off-year congressional races.

Election 2008 can't end soon enough for me, although don't miss my live blog on Election Day direct from Washington, D.C. Up to the minute results, live entertainment, and announcements as they occur straight from NPR studios.

I also found just the thing for all you undecideds and fenceys inclined to change your mind inside the voting booth. A sneak peek at the heartland, the real hockey moms and joe six packs who won't be pulling the lever for Obama-Biden. Hand-waving, cancer stick-puffing, hog-riding compatriots for America.

Is this the kind of thinking pointing your support in the wrong direction? Sounds downright comical when it comes direct from the horse's patoot.