Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bedheaded Winona Ryder Falls Ill on Trans-Continental Flight

Photo courtesy of Justin - National Photo Group

Willowy "never can seem to get her act together" Winona Ryder was rushed on a stretcher to Hillingdon Hospital in West London, England after passing out aboard British Airways. The flight was en route to Heathrow Airport from LAX.

When it became clear a female passenger -- presumably Ryder -- "required medical attention," the flight crew requested priority landing. Ryder's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, said the actress was taken to the hospital only as a precaution and quickly released.

They can sanitize this one all they like and not convince me Ryder wasn't doped up on drugs. Pictures snapped at LAX show her clad from head to toe in black hiding sunglasses-obscured eyes. Some paparazzo managed to penetrate the barrier, revealing a tenuous and frail looking Ryder.

Daily Mail surmises an overdose of anti-anxiety medication, pointing to Ryder's well-established hatred for air travel. I'd say that's par for the course.

British Air doesn't call ahead for priority landing unless a passenger is seriously ill. Reportedly, Ryder fell unconscious while sitting down, slumping forward in her seat until help arrived. That's a far cry from the publicist's description of a woman in good health.

Clearly, the surrounding circumstances point to more than a brief illness. Ryder looked fragile and unhinged.

Instead of covering up the likely nature of Ryder's "illness," her publicist should be contacting producers of Celebrity Rehab.