Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Big Name Star Looks Mighty Skanky

You'll never believe which big name star was recently seen out in public looking this fugly - Photo courtesy of Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Someone has a new look that practically leaps off the page.

Go ahead. Guess. Which big name star was recently seen out in public with blotchy skin, enlarged pores, pimply chin, matted forehead hair, and semi-cracked lips.

A thinned down Linda Ronstadt?

Hair dyed Cameron Diaz?

Recent DWTS reject Kim Kardashian?

How on earth Kardashian got booted off before paleolithic Cloris Leachman, I'll never know. That girl must be one gawd awful dancer. And after getting a taste of her acting, it's fairly safe to say she'll never be as big as her booty.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Lay off picture lady whoever she is. She can't help having a bad face day. But I was pretty appalled when I saw this shot, mainly because Mrs. Michael Douglas didn't seem the least bit concerned about projecting a glamorous image.

In fact, Catherine Zeta-Jones looked mighty skanky at the 2008 Global Leadership Awards. She was busy chatting up honoree Ted Turner when Neilson Barnard snapped this photo. Incidentally, they also presented rapper Jay-Z with a global leadership award for his MTV documentary Water for Life, and his collaboration with the U.N. to ensure safe, accessible drinking water in Africa.

Other photos show Zeta-Jones sandwiched between the U.N.'s Ban Ki-Moon and an unidentified woman. Can't say I would blame hubby Michael if he decided to work the room. Did you see the size of those zits!

At least now we can understand why Zeta-Jones prefers the seclusion of Bermuda over Hollywood. Imagine what it must be like to need a major makeover whenever it's time to take out the trash.