Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 Hampers Team Tee Fashion

Kevin Jonas steps out with a Team Demi and Selena shirt - Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin

Will somebody famous please pick a fight with me so The Spewker can print team t-shirts and rake in the bucks? An emerging fashion line is cashing in on celebrity feuds and we want in.

Someone is getting rich off this drivel. I mean, look at the lousy design on that tee. A 10-year old could have printed it. We just want our share.

Kevin Jonas fashion feud over Miley Cyrus lyrics - Photo courtesy of PerezHilton.com

First there was Team Aniston v. Team Jolie. Then, came Team Paris v. Team Nicole.
Less than two months ago, Kevin Jonas stepped out with Team Demi and Selena. Must have something to do with those song lyrics. Still waiting to see Team Miley and Mandy on some famous torso.

Now it may never happen.

If you're not familiar with the Disney Bermuda Triangle, it's only because you're over age thirty and have bigger fish to fry. Like, say, keeping up your mortgage payments and holding down a job.

Team Miley and Mandy recently celebrated a Miley milestone with a Sweet 16 blowout to benefit Youth Service America. No big deal that her actual birthday is November 23rd. About 5,000 of her closest fans forked over $250 a piece to party at Disneyland and watch Miley perform.

Wholesome Hollywood turned out in droves. Including supposed rival Demi Lovato. Team tee lovers are crying foul.

For the most part, these tiffs are more show than real, but that doesn't stop the public from buying into the hype. Message boards can't get enough of the play by play.

Noticeably MIA from Miley's big day? The Jonai and frenemy Selena Gomez. Maybe these team tees have a longer shelf life than I imagined.

In that case, The Spewker welcome all slings and arrows, the more famous the better.