Friday, October 17, 2008

Beastie Boys Rock for Barack

The Beastie Boys are performing live in concert to help get out the vote for Barack Obama

Taking the phrase "rock the vote" to a whole new level, The Beastie Boys have added three additional dates to their performance schedule in an effort to get out the vote.

Lucky ticket holders in Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VA, Youngstown, OH, St. Paul, MN, and Milwaukee, WI will get polling site and early voting information along with a rocking good time, including various guest performances from the likes of Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Crosby & Nash, Santogold, and Tenacious D.

'We are going to do a few shows in hopes that we can remind people to vote,' the Beastie Boys said in a joint statement, adding that they are endorsing Sen. Barack Obama. 'This election is too important, too much is at stake to stay at home. We hope that you can come out, have a nice night, dance, sing, get your freak on, and then wake up the next morning and get everyone that you possibly can to get out and vote.'
Yeah, well, let's hope all those fans don't party too hardy. Otherwise, no one will be getting their "freak on" for Barack at the polls.

Wisely, the boys gave everyone at least a day to shake off the inevitable hangover.