Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top Ten (Plus Five) John McCain Green Screen Challenges

Despite valliant deterrent efforts by Comedy Central's Steve Colbert, John McCain never waivered on his premise that a green screen would enhance campaign rhetoric.

The same critter serving as boring backdrop during a poorly attended campaign stump made a questionable reappearance at the Republican National Convention. Too bad the Gentleman from Arizon didn't feel the need to reconsider.

Thus Colbert's challenge to enliven McCain's green screen marches on. Her are our top fifteen past entries to lead the charge.

McCain of the Lost Ark

The Day McCain Stood Still

McCain Simpson

Star Trek McCain

Puppet McCain

Blue Suede Shoes Edition

Pulp McCain

Citizen McCain

Ferris Bueller McCain


McCain Throughout the Ages

Three Stooges McCain

The Wizard of Oz Edition

Numa NuMcCain

McCaining Arizona