Monday, September 29, 2008

Rally on the River JFXtival Sure Beats Driving

A week ago, on a gorgeous Sunday, anywhere from three to five thousand men, women, children, dogs, and miscellaneous "amphibiai" traversed a section of Baltimore rarely seen on foot. A long stretch of highway forever dumping vehicles into the city, I-83, or as we Baltimoreans like to call it, the JFX.

The Jones Falls Expressway takes its name from the winding body of water lying underneath. Some call it a stream, others call it river, but whatever its moniker, the winding stretch of flora and fauna used to be pristine. Now, it's just a muddy slick of its former self. Tomorrow it could be a contender.

And that's exactly the point of the annual "Rally on the River." Last Sunday, people came from far and wide to soak up the sun, walk, bike, run, kayak, moon bounce, hula-hoop, skate board, scooter, play chess, eat, drink, laugh, dance, you name it, they came to have a good time.

And the JFX did not disappoint.

For a mere five bucks and the cost of a rental, one could leisurely bike down the usual site of rush hour purgatory. The Jones Falls Watershed Association closes its southbound lane for a fundraiser to help clean up and protect this secluded patch of nature and give people a reason to let loose.

The Rally was a blast. Lots of fun activities, things to see and do, stuff never shown in the local paper. For some odd reason, it usually depicts the event as a walk down a lonely highway. The Rally is anything but.

This was my first time playing next to traffic (the northbound lane remains open to vehicles) and I have to admit, it was an eye opener. "Rally on the River" must be the best kept secret in town. Look for it next September.


Anonymous said...

HI there Cheryl. Wow!!!!! That was a great video that really captured the essence of the day. Thank you so much for doing that. Very, very cool. I’ll find out if it's okay to post on the site too.

Please note, however, the event is a bi-annual (the Olympic years) so we won’t do again until 2010. Also, the lane with the traffic open that day was the southbound and the event took place on the northbound-closed-lanes.

I tried to email you back but it came back as undeliverable...


Mary@SimplyForties said...

Great video! Are the attendants actually cleaning up the waterway or is the purpose to bring awareness to the area?

Cherylt said...

Thanks, Mary. Glad you enjoyed the video. The idea is to clean up the watershed AND spread awareness. They have a website if you're interested in more information.

OM said...

Oh, wow, I'll be sure to do that next year. That looks great.