Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Must See TV: The Vetting of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, Part I

Focus on GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin continues to dominate the media. Less than sixty days remain before the presidential election.

Exactly who is Sarah Palin? What do we really know about her? Does her personal character matter? What about her associations? Is an inexperienced vice president a trivial or important matter? After all, it's not like Palin is running for president.

Or perhaps because Palin's running mate is the oldest candidate to have ever run for president, the choice of V.P. is significant.

Voters must decide and we're here to lending a helping hand. Culled from the blogosphere, it's the video vetting of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

Party Push for Palin began in March, 2008:

Energy policy and leanings toward Mitt Romney and Ron Paul:

Disingenuous response to V.P. consideration:

Initial failure to appreciate office of vice president:

Flipped on commitment to child rearing and job as governor:

Veiled endorsement of Obama campaign message:

1996 fundraiser and brigadier for Pat Buchanan:

Only supported Forbes in 2000 because Buchanan knocked out of the primary:

Politico alleges anti-Semitism:

Abuse of power probe leaves more questions than answers:

Offer to craft public safety solutions ignored:

Mixing church and state:

"The Architect" explains how Palin fits into McCain strategy:

Live pundit reaction to lack of experience and "being eaten alive" by the media:

Selection process questioned:

Party insider misgivings:

Republican pundits smear behind seemingly closed doors:

"May go down in history as the most peculiar choice for vice president ever."

And of course, celebrity politics:

The vetting continues. Part II as we approach the election.