Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspiring Presidential Campaign Signs

Alaskan Women Against Sarah Palin Rally Crowds Streets of Alaska - Photo courtesy of Adventures in AK

An undercurrent of Alaskans against Palin has finally washed up on the mainland. On September 13th, Alaskan women rallied to reject McCain-Palin's bid for the White House. So many Obama-Biden supporters pounded the pavement with campaign signs, police had to be called in for crowd control.

Whew! That's a relief. I was beginning to think gender might decide this election. As I recently responded to one misguided pundit, the day we elect a candidate solely because she brings a vagina to the table is the day we seriously endanger our system of government.

For the most part, campaign rally signs were clever, tastefully voicing public sentiment against Palin in an amusing way.

"Sarah (does not equal) Hillary"

"I'll need reproductive rights some day"

"Don't insult my pit bull"

"Palin: Bush in a skirt"

"Palin Anti-Christ"

"Hockey Momma for Obama"

"Polar bear mommas say no to Palin"

"No more (hangers) We deserve better"

"Why do sexists love Sarah?"

"Real women vote on the issues not the gender"

"The Alaska disasta"

But hands down, the top campaign sign came from a blogger who recently cruised Alaska and stopped in Juneau to visit the Governor's mansion. Support for Obama-Biden littered the surrounding neighborhood, inspiring one bit of controversy for a curious window dressing.

One commentator levied charges of photoshopping, demanding to know how the mansion could sit in such close proximity to a residential neighborhood. The ramshackle contrast to mansion opulence was disorienting, although charges of photoshopping were unnecessary and harsh.

"Definitely not photoshopped sir," replied one of the adventurers, or at least a person of the same name. Links were provided and I'm here to give my seal of approval. The Obama-Biden support is real, in your face, and from people who live in proximity to the Governor's mansion.

Support for Obama-Biden in Juneau, Alaska right next to Sarah Palin Governor's mansion - Photos courtesy of Today's Special

Gawd, can't these people afford a campaign sign? Support written in dirt isn't exactly the kind of endorsement one should gloat about.

Then again, what does that say about Alaskans' standard of living under Governor Palin?

More signs from Women Reject Palin Rally here

Larger photo of Obama support at Today's Special: Palin's Stomping Grounds:


Anonymous said...

It's not that they can't afford signs, it's that the office ran out of signs because so many people wanted them.