Friday, September 12, 2008

DC Concierge Rouses A Good Chunk of Washington

The DC Concierge answers your questions about the best sights and sounds in D.C.
It's been an incredibly long night. The relaunch party for DC Concierge brought me out of my usual cocoon. N Street's The Space looked like a remodeled garage with chandeliers and big screen TV. Reminded me of the basement parties we used to throw while parents obliviously snoozed upstairs, minus the parents of course.

So many people. The crush to the bar was excruciating! Made the small talk and exchanged cards, but really came to give my best to the DC Concierge. Now there's a gal who knows how to throw a party. Flooded the place with cameras to record all the guest for prosperity (at least that's the way it felt). I wonder if she'll post any photographs online (duh).

Rushed home to watch CNN's public service forum at Columbia University. Fell in love with Obama all over again, although McCain's answers made me feel like Democrats will win this election no matter what.


Curse you, former Beauty Queen. A pox on your lipstick brain!


DC Concierge said...

It was a pleasure and honor to have The Spewker at the big event!