Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adrianne Curry Unleashes Another Idiotic Tirade

Adrianne Curry is heartless in her assessment of victims of Hurricane Ike
Hurricane Ike barreled into the Texas coast this past Saturday, devastating the landscape, homes, and people's lives. Likely to go down in history as a mammoth storm the size of the Lone Star State, clean-up efforts are estimated at $18 to $22 billion. Largely resulting from a storm surge 10 to 15 feet above normal tide, the death toll now stands at 27 people confirmed dead.

Initial predictions of a category three to four storm may have fooled many residents into a false sense of security. As evacuation highways moved at a snail's pace, many decided to stay put and hunker down. The picture changed drastically late Thursday evening when the National Weather Service issued warnings of "certain death" and "death likely" for anyone who remained. Given the choice of stewing in backups or riding out the storm, diehards chose the latter, a choice many would later regret.

But former Playboy model and reality TV star Adrianne Curry wasn't about to let the survivors off scott free. Although she may want to conserve what little she has left, the outspoken bubble brain was quick to unleash another piece of her mind.

In a September 14th blog entry later revised, Curry posted her mood as "aggravated" and proclaimed,

I am sorry, but I believe all these people should have to pay the bill for their individual rescues! When they issue a "certain death" warning and you are f*ng dumb enough to stay, you do not deserve free aid. I watched people being interviewed on the news claiming they bought a bunch of beer and BBQ to sit through the storm. I bet these same people are crying for help as I type. This is f*ng stupid! Why should we have to foot a dime for these dumba***s that ignored these warnings?
FREE transportation was provided, many buses left half empty. FREE shelters were provided, many not filled up. People value MONEY and POSSESSIONS more than their own lives? IDIOTS! I feel like we reward stupidity in this country, and this is the perfect example of it...

...(Revision) I never said they should DIE, I said if they value their MONEY and POSSESSIONS more than their own LIVES they should have to pay for endangering the lives of rescue workers, and sucking up more money this government DOESN'T have. someone claimed they didn't want to lose their job…I wasn't aware the bank was open that day!
I'm not sure which is more moronic, Curry blasting suffering hurricane victims who probably can't afford to reimburse federal or state governments for rescue efforts, or the 1,188 people (and counting) who posted comments and 500 kudos in response to her heartless tongue lashing.

The anorexic dominatrix image on Curry's blog speak volumes about the woman who is more famous for marrying Christopher Knight than any of her own accomplishments. Too bad she can't show more compassion for the less fortunate, those who suffer from misplaced priorities, questionable judgment, and/or the inability to mobilize in the face of impending disaster.



Anonymous said...

you took her blog completely out of context

you should be ashamed for acting like a politician! She said people who didnt LEAVE when TOLD to..or face CERTAIN DEATH should be charged for their rescues. She said they needlessly put rescue workers in harms way when they could be busy saving people who did NOT have a choice to leave

I agree with her

Anonymous said...

kudos to you...well put.

It's Me It's Me It's Cherylt said...

never ashamed to voice an opinion, i never promised you a rose garden. you're entitled to your opinion, as am i. i'm a writer not a politician. hope you'll identify yourself the next time you drop by.

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