Thursday, August 21, 2008

That's One Coyote Ugly Beehive

Third Annual Hot in Hollywood Charity Benefit debuts with an ugly beehive

Oh my Lord, will someone please explain what Wynonna Judd was thinking?!

That outfit has to be one of the ugliest couture gowns ever known to mankind. Where on earth did she find it? In the trash can at Loehmans?

I'm not just saying this to rag on the anorexically-challenged, but the Amy Winehouse motif is not very flattering. Sorry, but that look only works for skinny nothing crack whores ... people like ... uh .... Amy Winehouse. The Reject of Rehab's beehive and smoldering cigarette are so out of place on Wynonna.

On the other hand, Wy is looking way toned, don't you think. Definitely an improvement...

...if you can overlook the hideous two-toned platforms.

And realize the "gal" on stage is actually actor Jason Biggs performing a la transvestite at the Third Annual Hot in Hollywood charity benefit. The event raises money for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles.

Buh-bye, Miss American Pie.