Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spewker Shines Spotlight on "The Fair Review"

Through the power of social media, I have been privileged to connect with many different types of people. Some have been great friends and some have been slightly annoying, but throughout my travels, it's been tons of fun. I am constantly amazed by the power of my online friendships to further a mission. Blogging. One of the most rewarding yet agonizing pursuits in modern history.

Or like a box of chocolates. You never quite know what you're gonna get.

People write online for all sorts of reasons. For a job, to vent, to earn an income, make connections, engage in productive activity, or develop and grow an audience. Sometimes it's a combination of all of the above.

These pursuits cause more and more blogs to appear each day on the Internet. As any struggling blogger knows, it's brutal out there. Without a solid support system, new blogs can get lost in the competition. Over time, authors lose interest or think the effort is a waste of time.

And then there are people like me who refuse to fade away without a fight. Such is the reason I somehow stumbled upon The Fair Review, an engaging blogging community hoping to some day hit the big time with a first class directory of its own.

From what I can tell, their website is chugging happily along.

So how does one get other websites to notice a new blog? It's relatively easy to link to The Fair Review. Follow the directions posted at their FAQ and your site should get listed in no time.

Hey, if you're serious about getting linked and need a site to review, feel free to choose this one. From what I can tell, our page needs a boost. You'll qualify for our next Spewklet Spotlight and perhaps become a featured link on
The Gospel According to Rhys by helping us. Wouldn't that be a perky feather in your cap!

Okay, spewklets, you know the drill. Link and mention. That easy, that quick.

Oh, Rhys. Oh, Fair Review. Your website is the winner of our coveted Spewker Spotlight award. Email me for the code using the address listed at the bottom, or simply "click" and "save" the .jpeg below.

Congratulations, social media friend on a job well done!