Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Speedo Draws Unusual Attention to Beijing Olympics

Maryland tattoo attracts attention to competitor in 2008 Beijing Olympics - Photo Crop courtesy of PerezHilton
Got to hand it to the celebrity gossip blogger extraordinaire. The man who puts the "Ooooo-la-la" in the 2008 Olympics is smacking his lips over a sight poised to get plenty of attention in Beijing. Less than three more days and counting. A bit of levity to lighten up ominous vibes, no doubt.

Want to guess the identity of the mystery competitor?

Brazen PerezHilton had a few choice words for the tattoo peeking out over America's favorite speedo. Him likee what lookee be the University of Maryland insignia. Wonder if a fearsome terrapin stands at attention inside.

Oh, Perez, you bring out the worst in me. And to think, that speedo works out in my own backyard.