Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Skinny Retrospective of Speedo the Olympic Sweet-o

With all eyes focused on the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, extra scrutiny on a particular Maryland speedo seemed like a harmless exercise in hometown pride.

Who knew speedos could be so funny? Or snappy. Certainly, they're stuffed with surprises. Why, if someone wanted to blog about speedos there'd be no dearth of available material. Check out these "speedo" search results, chock full of the double entendre.

"Livin' la speedo loca."

"Beneath this speedo dangle the stones of a Patriot!"

"proudly representing Speedo since July 25, 2006"

"Oscar Jackman's Speedo Saturday"


"it's speedo! it's speedo! it's speedo time!"

"Further tales from the speedo diaries."

"Speedo Boy"

Speedo cheesecake.

"If the speedo fits, you must acquit."

"Green Speedo Guy seemed to time the start of his lap by waiting for me to get part way down the pool, and then trying to catch me to show that he 'still got it' (whatever 'it' is that he 'got')."

"Justin Timberlake as 'Le Coq' in a Speedo... that's all you need to know."

"all about the speedo"

"Guantanamo Speedo"

"all the men wear tight speedo-y shorts on the beach....eww"

"Schipper not a ripper zipper, says Speedo after suit drama"

"...Nelson was typecast as a speedo wearing pretty boy..."

"Mr. Speedo man was working out on a windy, cold day."

"The famous speedo scene" (WARNING: Suggestive cartoon characters. May not be suitable for young children. Rated PG)

"...after all, who doesn’t want to conduct research in a speedo?"

"at least it covers the speedo"

"Faster Than a Speedo Bullet"

"I guess I've been in France a long time, because Speedo vending machines don't look weird to me."

"Speedo's strong suit"

"Speedo and the Cadillacs"

"Making us all wish we were blind. Speedo" [link]

"New Speedo Suit Making Splash"

"Bernard the Gnome likes dirty men in speedos"

"More Wingnut Science from Speedo-Man"

"There was a pack of roaming guys in Speedo bathing suits (see left -- cringe)..."

"I love the fact that Warnaco started out in the 19th century making corsets, and Speedo began in Australia making woolen longjohn-style swimwear in 1928."

"Yes Scrappy the Speedo wearing dolphin has been defrocked." [BTW link]

"... Linus Torvalds in a Speedo, he is the original author of the LINUX operating system."

"This blog has received the below exclusive photograph of Tinky Winky in a gay bar dancing with an unidentified male, clad only in a revealing bikini-type speedo."

"Buxom Booty and Speedo Bandito"

"The Needo for Speedo"

"Santa Speedo Run"

"Ambigously gay guys in Speedos, You Go Girl Edition" [link]

"Speedo's Amazing Swimsuit Ready To Make Waves At Olympics"

G. Gordon Liddy strikes rugged pose in good old fashioned American flag speedo - Photo courtesy of"... suffer from a sort of Speedo-induced PTSD..."

"These are not your dad's Speedos."

"Full Speedo Ahead"

"Speedo Sundays From Beijing"

"Speedos fit the cut of our jib"

"Ginger and Random Speedo Guy"

"More Speedos Than You Can Shake A Stick At!"

"Speedo Rob Attacked While Fishing!"

And my all time favorite, in response to "I'd rather see G. Gordon Liddy in his speedos," "You asked for it, you got it (right) ...

Have any more speedo links? Send 'em my way.