Monday, August 4, 2008

David Arquette Struts Obama Stuff and Other Celebolitic Shorts

Marilyn Lincoln is today's bastard child
This site isn't the only one mixing up politics and celebrities. In today's "Bastard Child" feature, a sampling of mutant celebolitic spawn from around the country.

Is the "man-tango" too shocking for prime time TV? Celebrities weigh in on former 'N Sync star Lance Bass possibly dancing with a same-sex partner on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. The show's Season 7 cast will be announced on the August 25th broadcast of Good Morning America.

Little Coco Arquette's doting dad made an attractive fashion statement for Barack Obama. Better late than never, buzzchrome.

Hoisted "by his own petard." Sorry, but there's something hilariously funny about John McCain preceding the word "petard" in the same sentence. The belabored controversy over who's the biggest celebrity politician, Obama or McCain is starting to grate on my nerves. Who cares about McCain's scrubbing his website of celebrity references? Isn't it time for the candidates to explain their positions on more important issues like healthcare, the economy, energy development, and securing our borders?

Congressional legislation has become so boring they're packaging it as a movie preview to grab attention. Are the editors of The Congressional Record just frustrated screenwriters in disguise?

And speaking of screenwriters, now they're mining movie dialogue for political "truth." Oh brother. Valliant effort, but just another rehash of movies with a political theme. Where's the insight, the truth, the pizzazz? Maybe the line between celebrities and politics is so blurred, even a seasoned reporter can't separate fact from fiction.