Monday, August 18, 2008

Brooke Hogan Sets Women's Movement Back One Hundred Years

Brooke Hogan in bikini at the beach

Brooke Hogan has a lot to answer for these days. Either producers forced her to say something mind-numbingly stupid to spark better ratings, or this clown is the most bubble-headed semi-celebrity roaming the planet.

Of course I feel sorry for the girl, what with her brother being in jail and her parents' rancorous marriage caput, but for the love of all things mom and apple pie, does she have to single-handedly set the Women's Rights Movement back one hundred years?

I mean, look at her own blog.

If Blondy wants to concentrate on more important things in her life, like shopping for Prada and getting a manicure rather than investigating platforms of our presidential candidates, that's perfectly fine with me. Women like Hogan should remain barefoot and pregnant, letting other people make decisions for them because, like she said, such women aren't be capable of making intelligent decisions for themselves.

Obviously, Hogan doesn't get out very much and must have a very low opinion of herself.


kutty said...

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