Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Aboard the 'Pineapple Express' for Highly Addictive Drug Legalization

Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry at the premiere of Pineapple Express - Photo courtesy of Hollyscoop

At the Hollywood premiere of Judd Aptow's stoner flick, Pineapple Express, Hollyscoop dug up a motherload of dirt from the cast, as well as a few choice celebrities.

As the movie involves copious amounts of marijuana smoking, Hollyscoop couldn't resist asking the stars about their personal positions. Probing questions like "What do you think about smoking pot?" And, "Do you think we should legalize marijuana?"

And hoo-boy, did Adrianne Curry ever swallow the bait.

This was so funny because she practically shoved hubby Christopher Knight in the chest (yes, that Peter Brady) -- a "shut-up now honey" sign if ever one existed -- then mounted her soapbox to preach in favor of legalization. The daggers in Knight's eyes as he looked down and away, up in the air, then down again as if pleading for the earth to magically open up and swallow him whole. Easy to tell that embarrassing moments like this must happen to him a lot. An occupational hazard still ruffling feathers whenever Curry joins him for a night out on the town.

"I am the celebrity advisor for the marijuana policy project, so I think that speaks volumes," Curry responded to the reporter's question about legalization

Who knew weed aficionados could be organized enough to create a policy project, let alone influence a former Playboy bunny to be their celebrity advisor? Sounds like Curry found herself a new reality job only this time the stakes are quite high.

"We should legalize all drugs," chimed in Knight, "all drugs."

Come again? During the interview, the two of them acted like they were both on crack or at the very least a might buzzed. Does Florence Henderson know about this?

Our drug war is a failure,' sneered Curry. 'I can score heroin anywhere, cocaine, crystal meth, you name it, I can get it by the end of the night. Why are we wasting our money on this war that isn't working?'
Then she rattled on about some kind of paranoia and people looking at "the crazy b**ch from reality TV," but by then my mouth was hanging so far open I could barely swallow.

In the first place, just because brain fizzies can score crack, heroin, crystal meth, you name it from their local neighborhood drug dealer doesn't mean the stuff should be legalized. Do Curry and Knight have any idea what over-the-counter sales of highly addictive narcotics would do to this country? The only thing staunching the floodgates of people who would readily trade their bleak existences for fleeting highs of a crack pipe or syringe is the inability to score without the threat of getting busted.

I'm not a big fan of the war on drugs either, but don't throw away the baby with the bath water. Addicts deserve a fighting chance to clean up their acts and become productive members of society. Court ordered rehab is a much better alternative to mandatory jail sentencing.

Behind bars, addicts only learn the pain of withdrawal and where to score upon release.