Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zachery Ty Bryan Sues Over Taser Incident

Zachery Ty Bryan gets tased at a Choice Hotels International
"Piss off you fraud, you deserved every volt pumped into you."

So says some hot hotel affiliate in the comments section of this TMZ article about Zachery Ty Bryan, the kid who played Brad Taylor on Home Improvement.

Cute little Zachery is all grown up and married. Problem is, he also likes to party. Bryan is suing Choice Hotels International, Inc., John Noble, individually and as Trustee for Choice Hotels, and Armando Blancarte, a Quality Inn manager, for $25K over a tasing incident that took place about three months ago at the chain's San Diego location.

Apparently, Bryan got drunk and had it out with Blancarte who ended up tasing him, ostensibly to keep the peace. Bryan claims the hotel bozos who wouldn't let him see his wife are responsible, filing suit on June 23, 2008.

Huh? Took him that long to sue after police were called but no charges filed? If this litigation had any kind of merit, a lawyer would have jumped all over it the minute it hit police blotters. Better yet, the minute police scanners broadcasted the scuffle.

Sorry, but Zach isn't looking like an innocent victim in all of this. Luckily for him, California is a comparative negligence state. If the hotel or any other defendant was even a tiny bit responsible, he should be able to squeeze out some damages, paltry as $25K may seem for a former television star.

Times must surely be tough if Bryan has to belittle himself suing for that kind of pittance.