Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spewker Shines Spotlight on "Making The Movie"

T'was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. No fires raging near Big Sur. In the shadow of a recently ended writers strike, a subtle but festive mood uplifted the Hollywood elite. All of Tinseltown prepared for a memorable afternoon culminating in the Dorothy Chandlier Pavillion ... or was it the Kodak Theater?

Quite difficult to remember now that so much time has flown by.

Oh, what does it matter? It was the 80th Annual Academy Awards with a cast full of sparkling characters to light up the sky.

Oh, alright then, it was the Kodak Theater.

Whatever happened to the Dorothy Chandlier Pavillion? I wonder how the Chandlier family feels about being supplanted by an instant camera.

Yes, as I was saying, The Spewker was poised for one of its first live blogs. I had no idea what we were doing. In fact, I was so spanking brand new to the entire concept that I turned over the reins to our virtual Hollywood correspondent, Moan Quivers. Moani held the live blog on Twitter which explains the non-existence of her witty reparte. None of the posts survived.

For those who know absolutely nothing about Twitter, let's just say that your posts disappear after three or so pages of tweets. Someone has since developed an application to capture archives, but at the time, Twitter messages faded about as quickly as they spammed.

Too bad because Moan was on such a roll it bordered on sheer genius.

Somehow, some way, Making The Movie got wind of our ambitious effort and linked to our live blog announcement. I'm not sure how many people tuned in as a result, but I do remember Moani jumping around the room ecstatically after seeing our link in the midst of a prestigious list of live bloggers.

I'm glad to re-visit Making The Movie and see it robustly alive and kicking. So many blogs pop up and seem to disappear overnight. This is one tenaciously digging in its heels for the long run.

Good sticky content and well-written articles too. The site provides filmmaking tips, resources, reviews, news and links. A film maker's library with information written in plain English.

How many blogs can make that kind of claim?

Congratulations, Mr. Ott and Making The Movie. For your magnaminous gesture of linking to and referencing this then relatively unknown blog, you are the winners of a coveted Spewker Spotlight award. Target, save, and upload the award to your site or email me at the address on the bottom for detailed coding information.

Want to know how you can be our next featured spotlight winner? Simply mention this blog with a link to our site in any of your articles or embed in a page of your website. If we like what we see, you may be the next winner of our coveted award.

Spewker Spotlight Award shines on Making The Movie


Laurie said...

Cool, I love Jack Nicholson. I thought he and Morgan Freeman were wonderful in The Bucket List. Of course there are so many movies Jack has done that I couldn't imagine any other actor playing the roll.

Laurie said...

My first comment I got so wrapped up in the whole Jack Nicholson thing I didn't say anything else about the post. lol
I love most of the movies they show on this video, my husband and I own several of them, yes even the classics. I would totally have to agree with the 79 they chose for the Best Picture.