Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spewker Shines Spotlight on Eliot Glazer and Buzzfeed

What would you do if you found a hilarious comment in a celebrity gossip article? You'd probably do what any self-respecting blogger would do - exploit it. That's exactly what we did with our Zachary Ty Bryan taser story which then somehow caught freelance writer Eliot Glazer's keen eye.

Mr. Glazer is a busy, busy blogger. Besides editing and contributing to like a zillion pop culture and cultural websites, of which his personal blog, Fast Hugs, is a mile a minute exercise in free association, he's an interviewer, associate producer and comedian who performs in and about New York.

Whew! I get tired just reading about this guy.

Interesting muse about Glazer's personal blog, if you read the URL the wrong way, you might think he writes about FAS thugs. Fill in the blanks for "FAS," but in the back of my mind I was thinking "funny as s---." Imagine my relief when I realized the theme is more in line with wham bam warm fuzzies.

How can we not be a fan of this young Brooklynite? His Buzzfeed profile has a feature link to my old childhood chum, Ira Glass. I'm an Ira Glass name dropper, ask anyone who knows me. Ira and I go way, way, all the way back, in fact, to the third grade. But that juicy tidbit is wasted fodder in a feature spotlighting Eliot Glazer. Suffice it to say, tasty details providing background for The Glass Chronicles will have to wait for another time.

Congratulations to Eliot Glazer and Buzzfeed for winning this week's Spewker Spotlight award. We are tickled pink to be the featured link on that taser story, and we love, love, love your blogs. Email moi to claim your award (or just click and save the .jpeg below).

Want to know how you too can be featured in our spotlight? Two simple rules (for dating my blogspot): (1) mention The Spewker and (2) link to this blog. How you do it is entirely up to you. Flames will not result in automatic disqualification, although they may prevent our judges from warming up to you.