Tuesday, July 8, 2008

oMG! It's the Very First Spewker Spotlight Award

Hard to believe I started this feature a week ago and it's already Tuesday morning. Where does the time ago?

Yes, as promised, I'm pushing through with blunt force to start our weekly feature on the Spewker Spotlight award. I don't care if our only Google links are the ones I created myself. Someone has to link to this blog and if I'm the only one who's willing to do it, so be it!

The truth is, I'm not the only one who thinks The Spewker is worth a link, thank gawd. In my travels, I have connected with many kind and wonderful people. People who don't mind giving another person a leg up. People who have very little jealousy in their hearts. People who are willing to work together with others to bring some good into the world. People who go about their lives every day trying to matter. People who are looking to connect by engaging others.

It goes without saying that the very first, premiere, tah-dah Spewker Spotlight award will be presented to such a person. What he plans to do with it, I don't know. That's entirely up to him.

What I do know is Nelson Guirado is a person who cares. Nelson blogs about tech because it's what he likes and what he knows, though his articles, like mine, sometimes veer off the beaten trail. We met for a very short time on a comfy couch at BlogWorld waiting for a free massage. Lots of people were in line, giving us a chance to get acquainted. I'm glad we did because it allowed us to discuss the problem of illegal immigration.

Nelson is someone who deals with that issue on a personal and deep level. Unlike the claim in this article, he was not at all obnoxious. In fact, he seemed very laid back and kind. If memory serves me correctly, he teaches somewhere in Southern California, a worthwhile pursuit if there ever was one. He may not be getting rich, but he is making a difference one bright and shiny young face at a time.

Congrats, Nelson, on putting your unique stamp on the world. And very warm wonderful congrats on being the first recipient of the Spewker Spotlight award. You are indeed a favored spewklet. Not making it to BlogWorld this year because they moved it to the weekend, but hoping they get some sense knocked into their brains and move it back to the middle of the week. If not, we'll have to connect again at some other Vegas conference.

For being the first, you get your choice of Spewker Spotlight awards. Email me for the code if you'd like to display either one of these nifty awards on your blog (the address is now a comment at your blog).

But first, please do me a favor. Remove my multiple comments from the end of your winning article. I don't know how your program counted the same comment multiple times, but it's making me look like a simp.

The Spewker Spotlight Award is easily earned

The Spewker Spotlight Award is easily earned