Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fox News Bill O'Reilly Battles Big Nas Attack: "Racist Smears Must Stop"

Rapper Nas calls on Fox News to stop racist smears against the Obama family and black America - Photo courtesy of Pizon Channel
Racial and political polarization grows ever wider in the good old U.S.of A. Why recreate the turbulent 1960's when real political storm clouds gather strength in our midsts?

The latest fracas occurred last Wednesday, July 23, 2008 when popular rapper Nas, MoveOn.org, ColorOfChange.org and a large heterogeneous crowd of people demonstrated with more than 600,000 petition signatures in front of Fox NYC headquarters. Nas called Fox News a "propaganda machine," skewering the network for its "racist attacks on the Obama family and Black America."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly quickly shot back, insinuating no one reported the demonstration because "the vile rapper" Nas doesn't carry much clout. O'Reilly cited declining album sales and "vulgar lyrics peddled to children" as proof, challenging anyone to characterize his comments as racist. He also bashed MoveOn.org as the "new media Klan," a reference to the KKK and insidious behavior.

Media wars, don't you love it? Rather than clash on the streets with police and billy clubs poised to strike, celebrities battle one another on the air waves where anyone with a video camera can join the fray.

Let's try to ratchet the hatred down a notch, shall we? In the words of our own Moan Quivers, "All we are saying is give peas a chance."

Comparison of Nas album sales proves nothing. Only a week ago, the rapper's new album Untitled soundly trounced the competition, debuting in the #1 Billboard album slot with sales of 186,600. Notable lower ranked competition included the Mamma Mia! soundtrack, Kid Rock's Rock N Roll Jesus and O.A.R.'s All Sides. Lower album numbers are likely a reflection of Dubya's failing economic policies than a decline in Nas' fan base.

On to Fox. O'Reilly did not say a lynching party for Michelle Obama might be "legit" if she has the wrong political opinion. During a "No Spin Zone" back in February, O'Reilly stopped a caller from trashing the potential First Lady without a thorough investigation. The segment showcases O'Reilly using nothing more than a poor choice of words later taken out of context.

Heaping fuel on a concrete brick does not a racist fire make.

 Fox News tag line running under E.D. Hill segment calling Barack Obama's wife Michelle his Baby Momma - Photo courtesy of L.A. TimesBut whoever supervises pundit E.D. Hill may want to order some sensitivity training. Despite the whitewash from Baltimore's own Michelle Malkin, racist smears have materialized on Hill's watch.

Obama's baby momma? Woman, puh-leeze! Surely, Hill has the final say over her news story captions. The message of that piece -- unfair censorship of criticism directed at Michelle Obama -- was completely lost because someone in Hill's entourage likened the "baby momma" reference to entertainment.

OMG! Granted, a new term recently entered "white people" vernacular, but making light of this development demonstrates a disconcerting level of ignorance.

For more than a century, African-Americans have had to deal with slavery fallout, including disintegration of family values at the hands of task masters. Slaves were treated as chattel, often with husbands and wives literally ripped apart never to see one another again. Today, a large holdover of African-Americans perpetuate this distorted model of family not because it's necessarily desirable, but because it eventually became acceptable. In any event, the model offered black families something white people usually didn't: survival.

I'm not judging whites and blacks. My sincere hope is that all Americans will unite to change this perversion of family values. All Americans need to understand and appreciate how a two-parent family helps children thrive.

In the meantime, news elite need to sensitize themselves to a pervasive cultural model giving rise to a name for never married mothers of children. The term "baby momma" is an insult to women like Michelle Obama, women who actually marry their children's father before conception in an effort to provide stable homes and model traditional family values.

More so, questioning the Obama victory bump as a terrorist hand gesture is so far over the line of acceptable discourse, even I don't want to go there. Every day I get emails about Barack the Muslim terrorist sympathizer, Barack the politician with anti-Semite political advisors, Barack the socialist who will naively allow the destruction of America. I wish Obama detractors would focus on something other than their worst nightmares. For all the war mongering and economic policies emanating from the Dubya Administration, this country isn't exactly positioned for an era of peace and prosperity.

The proof is in the pudding. 'Nuff said.

I'm going to let Keith Olberman have the last word on perceived racism at Fox. Personally, I can't stand network news left or right, nor political pundits telling me what to think. I digest all of the news with a grain of salt, carefully scrutinizing the source and their respective agendas in an attempt, however misguided, to formulate my own conclusions.

However, if Olberman's charges are accurate -- and many say they are -- something is seriously wrong with this picture. Under our next President, Fox News could very well have a Congressional inquiry breathing down its back.

As good a reason as any to clean up its sorry excuse for journalism as swiftly as possible.


Update: The O'Reilly Factor video has disappeared from the Internet for purported copyright violation so many times, we're afraid it may never reappear. In the event the embedded video becomes inoperable, we have taken the time to provide a transcript. Note that we are not employees nor associated with Fox News. However, we have run the embedded video three times and will vouch for the accuracy of our transcript.

Bill O'Reilly appears on screen with the words "Reality Check" under a picture of Nas

O'Reilly: Check number two concerns the vile rapper, Nas. As you may have heard, that guy is accusing Fox News of being a racist organization. This from a person who makes a living peddling the “N” word and violent lyrics to his target audience of children and young adults. He is a real champ. The good news is only a very few media have given him any attention and those who did do not deserve your attention. They are corrupt. That’s because Nas had an obvious agenda in this case. His new album is a bomb, a disaster, a catastrophe, and he desperately wants attention. Two years ago, his last album sold three hundred and fifty-five thousand copies in his first week. This one has sold a hundred and eighty-seven thousand copies. Not good. I hope I’m not a racist for pointing that out. Check number three…