Friday, July 18, 2008

Charles Manson's Eerie 9/11 Connection

So many decisions, so little time.

For instance, I'm now trying to decide between Safari and Internet Explorer for my laptop. Safari is such a clean looking, faster loading browser. The only problem is my C-drive. Not enough disc space to download Adobe flash again and apparently no file sharing with IE. Drat. No video viewing capabilities. Something will have to go.

Or, take for example, writing blog articles at 4:00 a.m. Sleep or blog? What, am I crazy? That was a rhetorical question.

Finally, this humdinger. I might be crazy, but did I hear Charles Manson reveal a 9/11 connection in this 1987 Geraldo interview? Good thing I had already reviewed the video for yesterday's Susan Atkins article.

Either I'm not crazy, or Manson's Arabic farewell and "We'll see if you've got anybody in New York City" utterance are one helluva coincidence.

2 comments: said...

No coincidence.

He's a false prophet. AN know the ones Tha Lord Jesus spoke of in the Gospels....supposed to be bucoos & scads of 'em before His return. So like, the whole point the life he has chosen is to prophecy, show signs and wonders, etc. He is a VERY powerful magician, big time necromancer, and so forth. These anti-christ dudes are "so deceiving that they would deceive even the elect if it were possible", The Lord spoke in the Bible. And after searching out the matter, I conclude that His stressing of this fact is of great importance for this generation. Grant it, Charles was one of the ones who really went kinda, well, let's say a different route than your average antichtist, like Brigham Young, or the founder of the Jehova's Witness' or these Bob Jones & Todd Bentley dudes ( like actually try to deceive Christian seekers and deceive Churches as real prophets from God). But make no mistake, he is really the most powerful sort of sorcerer satan's got in his corner. The anti christ dudes. I'm warnin anyone who goes out of doors these days to arm there selves with the Helmet of Salvation, and the whole Armour of God. If one of these dudes wants to mesmerize you (thats the first thing they do i think) YOU ARE Funked without God and His Spiritual armour. TRUE DAT.

Anyone who doesn't believe me can email me. I've seen stuff, and I know you all have "heard things"
so If your interested, just ask.

Old Charlie is just beyond spewkie.
Thanx for hearing me out....

Susan said...

As far as that You Tube interview and your article, I found that eerie too. I don't see how he could have had involvement himself but maybe some followers running around on the outside?