Monday, July 7, 2008

Black National Anthem Symbolizes Racism in America

I'm not black, nor a racist. I'm an American. And I'm not digging the words to another song sung to the tune of my American National Anthem. Especially not at a government sponsored event. No wonder Denver is up in arms.

That's all fine and good to sing about what America means to one personally, but at a political event? On 4th of July weekend? Get real.

What this woman did is remind every Americam that despite the dream, despite any aspirations to join in unity as one nation under a higher power, we are still a bunch of individual warring factions, each one holding up "their special brand" of what America means to them...not you...but them, creating an "other" and perpetuating the perception of separateness.

We are no longer a melting pot. Haven't been soupy in years.

Update: After reading the first comment below, we decided to open up a discussion about race in America. This article is a response to our reader's comment and hopefully the beginning of a dialogue.


Anonymous said...

This woman was wrong obviously but why is the song itself a symbol of racism? The song talks about having the faith and the strength to march on despite everything that has happened to Black people. It's not about anger.