Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beyotch Swotch Catfights: Williams v. Omarosa and Danica v. Duno

Ack. No. Say it isn't so. Someone actually approved the reappearance of Stinkaroma Manigsworth-Stalwhatever on television!

Just because classless nobody publishes a predictably tell nothing book with catchy beyotch title doesn't mean anybody's going to buy it. Whoever talked Wendy Williams into bringing that street smart smack talking divorcee on her fine television program ought to be beyotch-slapped.

Better yet, "You're F-I-R-E-D."

It all started when Williams mentioned the perception of Omarosa as "ABW" (angry black woman). Stinky said she'd rather be ABW than a buffoon. At that point, Williams should have told her it was too late, but instead valiantly tried to stay the course. Meanwhile, Stinky took potshot jabs.

Then it got truly ugly. Stinky accused Wendy of being fake while Wendy in turn slowly picked her apart. As they sat there symbolically clawing away at one another, the plushy pink couch began to look more like a psycho ward chaise than a celebrity talk show perch. Honestly, their catfight was so over the top, I started to wonder whether it was staged.

There must be a strain of catnip in the drinking water because champion racing car driver Danica Patrick recently clawed it out with rival Milka Duno. Maybe the heat is starting to fry people's brains. Don't they realize they're being recorded?

Maybe like old Stinkaroma, whose 15 minutes expired an eternity ago, they simply just don't care.