Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beckham Unknowingly Pitches Safe Sex

David Beckham is the unauthorized face of biggest selling condoms in China
"Score in the bedroom like Becks does on the pitch."

David Beckham promotes the biggest selling condoms in China. Problem is, he doesn't earn him a dime from his celebrity endorsement. The condoms are manufactured without his knowledge or permission, causing an uproar among fans who want to ban further sales.

Talk about infringement of intellectual property rights. A few bad apple Chinese manufacturers and the whole nation gets cloaked with a layer of deception.

There are more unsavory fates than acting as the unauthorized pitchman for safe sex or seeing your unauthorized likeness tossed about in some porno movie. Becks can take away some measure of comfort knowing he isn't the face of some other sleazy best selling product, like Kim Kardashian's behind.