Monday, June 16, 2008

Celebrity House Gawker Inspires Drool

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld home in East Hampton New York
When my friend Brian forwarded this amazingly well written article featuring the 10 most beautiful celebrity mansions, I couldn't resist copping a link.

Opulent and architecturally exquisite, these monoliths punctuate the reason people like myself become transfixed by celebrity fare. Most of it is out of this world, the stuff of Fantasy Island. Average folks long for access to the perks of the rich and famous.

Feast your eyes on the Seinfeld mansion in East Hampton, NY. Its annual tax bill costs more than the purchase price of an average American home.

Wonder what the monthly utility bill runs?


jtfmulder said...

Jerry Seinfeld's house is quite a mansion. It could definitely be called The house that Seinfeld built.