Thursday, May 15, 2008

Political Commentary on Comment Envy

Former Senator John Edwards throws his support behind Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at Michigan campaign rally - Photo courtesy ABC News videos
Obviously, I am tickled pink over John Edwards' endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for president. Inexplicably, tenacious Senator Hillary Clinton remains in the race.

So, while checking out news stories on this recent happy development, I came across an incredibly poignant comment from sjkabza. And since no one ever seems moved enough to comment here (except charming Billy...LOVE YOU, Billy...if you stopped dropping by, I'd still be showing comments from September!), I've decided to reprint sjkabza's words of wisdom.

Whatthahey. The other blog (the one backed by ABC News) is already pushing over 90 comments and going strong. It can afford a throwaway.

If Obama wins the popular vote will Hillary and her supporters say that he should be the nominee? If we count Florida and Michigan as of right now he still has the lead in popular votes. So lets wait until all the votes are counted and include Florida and Michigan. When Obama still has the lead will everyone come together and support him? If Clinton gets more votes over all I will have no argument against giving her the nomination. But will Clinton supporters follow the same logic or will they be sore losers? Just because they believe that Hillary is the better candidate doesn't mean she should win the nomination. The people are still voting. The people should have the say. So far it seems like the people want Obama. Anyone who believes in the things that Hillary Clinton stands for will vote for Obama in November. The people who don't are uninformed and are not supporting Hillary Clinton because of the issues. For the first time in my life I have been truly invested in the future of our country and that is because of Obama.For the first time I have donated money to a politician. For the first time I see something different on the horizon. Obama is not perfect but he is the best I have seen in my life time. I sure hope he is elite. By definition if he wants to be President he should be better than all of us. I don't care to share a beer with him and I don't care if he can bowl. For people who think Obama is unamerican or hates america you have to some of the stupidest people on the planet. Why would he be running for President. It would be like Tiger Woods hating Golf. It would be like Jeff Gordon hating Nascar. it would be like Wladimir Klitschko hating boxing. This will be my last post to any blog. Im tired of it.Obama 08
Funny how a comment that would barely get any attention at a widely read blog is suddenly the toast of the town when thrown into obscurity.