Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection

John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection. Photo Courtesy of StrangerTonguesYes, I am more than two months late on this one. Sue me. Everywhere I go, there they are. Gaunt hollow eyes rimmed in circus colors, gangly limbs strewn about, hideous over-sized hats dwarfing clown-like faces, throwback garb reminiscent of medieval times.

I never claimed to be chic and no, I don't get the idiocy of these outfits from Christian LaCroix in the John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection. I mean, hells bells, who goes around looking like they just had an alien turd dropped on their head? Whatever this poor thing is sporting on her noggin, it looks like a big dog with serious anal issues jumped her bones and took a dump.

John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection.

Super-size-me wool monstrosities have no place in a fashion show. I half expect the models to remove these hats for the homeless and find an Amy Winehouse-like do underneath. Wow. It's gotta be hot under there. I hope the models either shaved their heads or are card carrying members of Hair Club for Women.

John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection. Photo Courtesy of StrangerTongues
And just for the record, the "knave look" went out of style with jousting and knights in shining armour. This is either the ugliest woman I have ever seen modeling a designer collection, or a small-breasted, round-stomached young man with a huge honker. Either way, I'm transfixed on the remarkable homeliness of the model, not the clothes, although this outfit is so over-the-top pitiful, I couldn't help but get loopy over the Maid Marion motif.

John Galliano 2008 Fall Collection

Big name stars like some Olsen twin, Lucy Lui, and Rihanna dropped by, which I suppose gave the show an air of credibility, but if you ask me, the whole lot of them look like refugees from the set of Circque du Soliel in King Arthur's Court.