Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hope for Economic Stimulus Package Pinned on Coolspotters Shoulders

coolspotter screen courtesy of CrunchbaseLooking like a niche social network for obsessed celeb watchers, launches a celebrity connection sometime later today or tomorrow, depending upon your Google Maps location.

If it weren't for the brash commercialism, I'd definitely be one of the first ones to sign on. The site connects people to stuff, the implication being if you've seen stuff on a celebrity or in some media program, you must make it your own. Chat up the products and make some new friends...or maybe frenemies, who knows?

"Rate stuff, leave comments, and follow cool people," urges a diagram at the top of the homepage. "Coolspotters is the Google of people and products," proclaims Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist. Oh bully. Just who everyone wants to see in their browser. A stylist instead of an actual celebrity. Now you too can purchase the same styling sheers used to shave Britney's head. Only a thousand bucks at Vidal Sassoon. Hurry while supplies last.

I can see it now. Bored upwardly mobile teenagers flocking to Coolspotters, gossiping about celebs, rating the coat Lindsay stole, spending sugardaddy's hard earned cash on stuff they don't really need.

That oughta make Dubya light up like a Christmas tree.