Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clinton Win in Indiana Should Mean Bupkus to Superdelegates

So Hillary ekes out a 20K win in Indiana and the talking heads still want to predict the outcome using traditional political analysis. If there's anything this race has taught me over the past ten months, traditional analysis has no place in the race for the Democratic nomination.

A crash course....

Two words. "Operation Chaos." The most ingenious diabolic confusion scheme ever concocted by a radio talk show host trying to sway an election.

This is not a drill, people. Ever since Rush Limbaugh dreamed up this scheme -- I believe it followed Obama's tremendous surge after the Potomac Primaries -- Clinton has been winning virtually all remaining primary elections in very small margins. In every State but Pennsylvania where Obama likely suffered a true loss among actual Democrats, and now in North Carolina where he clobbered her, Clinton has squeaked out razor hair victories. Due to the way the Party awards delegates, these "victories" haven't helped her much, but they have unfortunately kept her in this race. A thorn in the side of the Party, believe you me.

Despite the disingenuous musings of another die hard Republican radio talk show host, the majority of Democrats do not want Hillary to fight on. They want her to go away and let our rightful candidate take on McCain. I wish blowhards with an agenda would stick to lamenting their own candidate(you know who you are). On the other hand, Americans unable to see the wool being pulled over their eyes hopefully will read this article and see the process for what it is.

A big bamboozle.

Hillary's win in Indiana is no different than every other victory she's managed to snag since her crash and burn here, her former stomping grounds (before she carpetbagged to New York). Her 20K margin (and likely more) in Indiana clearly represents people who will cast votes for McCain in November, make no mistake about that. How do I know? Don't you people listen to the radio? Limbaugh brags about "Operation Chaos" almost daily.

Truth be told, if I were him, I would too. Amazing what someone with his political clout can do, mobilizing huge blocks of voters to throw away their primary votes by casting them for Clinton. And why not? McCain is their designated nominee, they can't change that. Let me tell you, a lot of them are very unhappy with the early selection. To cheer themselves up, they've decided to have a some fun with us Democrats. That's all that's going on here, nothing more.

And yes, Democrats are powerless to stop it. Nothing illegal or unconstitutional here. We'll just have to grin, bear it, and take it at face value. Suck it up and admit we've been played. No big deal really, since a Clinton nomination is such a long shot it would have to be decided by superdelegates.
Let's hope the remaining undeclared superdelegates have enough sense to recognize how talking head babble means absolutely nothing in the face of "Operation Chaos." Clinton should have lost these last few states fair and square and been forced out. Limbaugh changed the game on us, that's all. Superdelegates will best serve their patriotic duty by ignoring factors having no bearing on the general election.

FYI, what happened in Texas, Ohio, Indiana, etc. could never happen in Maryland. To vote for a Democratic candidate in the primary election, one must be a registered Democrat. One cannot switch Party affiliations between the primary and general elections. The same holds true for Republicans. Yes, it's sort of half-baked system because it forces Republican sympathizers to remain registered Democrats. Otherwise, they would never have any sway in deciding candidates, Maryland is so blue. It also bars Independents from voting in primary elections, but they still get to vote in the general. Stupid as all that seems, Maryland's voting system is the ultimate defense against a scheme like "Operation Chaos."
For states suffering a Limbaugh hijacking, veritable food for thought.


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I'm still Rooting for Barack Obama but I Hope Hillary stays on the Ticket to make sure McCain is soundly beaten!!

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