Sunday, May 18, 2008

Celebrities Make A Fashion Statement for Barack Obama

As primary season rolls to an end, Barack Obama remains poised to claim victory on the campaign trail. Obama's uplifting message and charisma have inspired hoards of Americans to register for the vote, as well as cross party lines.

Meanwhile, the racist horse's patoot selling Curious George Obama t-shirts is about to be sued. You bet people are coming out of the woodwork to protest. Silly bigot. Doesn't he realize the Obama Camp and its supporters already control the t-shirt market?

Industry insiders say a run on political merchandise is a reliable indicator of electability. In that case, the Democrats can breathe a sigh of relief. The sparkly famous crowd is up to their ears in designer Obama.

Perez Hilton shows his support for Barack Obama by wearing a ba-rack the vote tee shirt
Perez Hilton [Source]

Kim Kardashian wears a Barack Obama shirt at LAX
Kim Kardashian [Source]

Ryan Phillippe shows support for Barack Obama with a fashionable tee shirt
Ryan Phillippe [Source]

Jessica Biel holds up her new Barack Obama shirt
Jessica Biel [Source]

Halle Berry rocks the paparazzi with her Barack Obama style
Halle Berry [Source]

the obama girl shows she has a crush on Obama
The Original Obama Girl [Source]

Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones shows Barack Obama announcement for President shirt
Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones [Source]

Pete Wentz hosts fundraiser and sports designer tee shirt for Barack Obama
Pete Wentz [Source]

Hayden Panettiere wears Barack Obama shirt at LAX
Hayden Panettiere [Source]

Joel Madden sports a Barack Obama tee shirt as he holds hands with fellow Obama supporter, Nicole Richie
Joel Madden [Source]

Director Spike Lee models a shirt supporting Barack Obama at the Sean Jean fashion show
Spike Lee [Source]