Friday, May 30, 2008

Brett Ratner Hanging Out With Family on Melrose

Brett Ratner hangs out with family on MelroseHere's the skinny. There's a lot to write about, but no time to do so. The girls and I are having dinner with our extended California family. Much prepping to do. Can't really write when I'm rushed, at least not in a professional manner. So, consider this article an email from a very sloppy friend with bad grammar.

There we were on Melrose, taking in the sights. Actually, we crossed over to another boulevard with more interesting looking people, but I can't remember the name. Anyway, there we were. Of course, I was celebrity stalking, you know the deal, hmmmm, is this one a celebrity? Is this one? That kind of thing.

The girls wanted to buy earrings, so I let them shop. Then I saw tai chi man outside of a store and I knew I must snap his picture. The guy was amazing energy on crack. Had a yoga mat and was doing amazing hand stands over and over. You see a lot of that at Venice Beach, but not really on Melrose.

And then, I just kind of hung out, soaking in the energy, scouring faces for some familiarity. The celebrity stalking gods were kind to me. I saw him from a distance on the telephone. Well, at least he wanted people to think he was on the telephone. I would not be deterred. Yes, I knew him from somewhere, but could not figure out where. He wanted to know if I was FBI. I told him yes. He said he was with his family. I said I didn't care. Director, producer, I knew he was a behind the scenes guy. Just could not put my finger on it.

I guess unless they are uber famous, these people aren't used to nobodys from Baltimore coming up to them on the street asking for pictures because once I started telling him how I knew he was a director/producer, just couldn't put my finger on it, Brett Ratner became THE coolest guy ever.

He asked me if I wanted to be in the picture with him, just to prove that I really am the one who took the picture, but I told him, nah, I'm not into that status whore kind of thing. More about this when I have more time to write.

Besides, why mess up a really good picture of Brett Ratner, eh?