Monday, April 7, 2008

Somebody Needs to Kill the "Who Killed Obama" Line

Apollo Braun tote top and skirt in spewked photograph - ouch!From the maker of "Who Killed Anna Wintour" tees, wretched peek-a-boo mumus, and fashion Jewish star tote tops comes the latest insanity apparel, "Who Killed Barack Obama" hoodies and short-sleeved tees.

Doron Braunshtein a/k/a Apollo Braun claims his provocative mini-collection memorializing eavesdropped customer concerns is a showing of support for the Democratic frontrunner rather than a morbid premonition of imminent demise. Braun claims he supports Barack Obama and can't understand death threats he's received from Obama supporters.

But this time, Braun has gone too far and he knows it.

"Could you imagine if Obama were killed? They might blame me. Then I'd be take to jail and have to have prison sex."
Not that he would seem to mind, according to Jerry Portwood of the New York Press.

File this one in the "people will do anything to make a buck" category. Does this nimrod actually believe these tasteless concoctions evoke feelings of love and support for Senator Obama? I suppose being the biggest fan of Anna Wintour motivated him to create her killing tees as well.

What bothers me most about Braun's supposed "performance art" is the notions they will plant in otherwise vapid minds with a yen for infamy. If anything deserves to be banned as hate speech, it's Braun's new mini-collection.

Of course, with the Democratic nomination going down to the wire, there's the additional danger of Hillary spreading misspeak in the guise of fashion. Better slap an injunction on this whole mess now before somebody gets out of hand.

Spewed picture of Hillary Clinton in an Apollo Braun Who Killed Barack Obama sweatshirt