Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Katie Holmes Catches Detour from Broadway Into Stepford Boot Camp

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes otherwise known as TomKat involved in controversy over Scientology Boot Camp and Holmes desire to act in Broadway play

The May 11th issue of Star Magazine soon hits newsstands with an oddly familiar cover story. Egomaniac husband unable to accept wife's desire to live life on her own terms vainly attempts to temper wife's independent spirit with subtle acts of domination, causing them to grow apart, eventually leading husband to squelch his growing anxiety over reduction of power in their relationship through the orchestration of a diabolical solution.

Ah, yes. The Stepford Wives. The original, although a cinematically primitive made-for TV movie, much better than the remake. Rent it, if you haven't already.

Meanwhile, can anyone confirm this blind item?