Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ashton Kutcher Dishes Dumb at "What Happens in Vegas" World Premiere

Ashton Kutcher must have been a daredevil dolt in his youth. Carmen Diaz, still dealing with the unexpected death of her dad, couldn't make the London world premiere of their light-hearted romp, What Happens in Vegas, leaving Kutcher to wing the red carpet alone.

Kind of feel sorry for the poor sap, spilling intimate personal details of his boneheaded antics under the influence. Guess he was absent from movie star school on the day they taught how to skirt embarrassing questions by scratching one's head and smiling amiably into the camera. Feast your eyes on this interview.

I can't be the only one who thinks Kutcher had a death wish at some point in his life. Mommy Demi should have been in tow for an emergency elbow nudging, although who knows whether that would have stopped him from spouting like a schoolgirl. Must be off spreading pregnancy rumors again. Oh, those two crazy kids.

Maybe we’re all being punk'd. Passed out on a frozen river and survived? Wonder if frostbite nipped Kutcher's unmentionables. Now that might explain a thing or two about those pregnancy rumors.

Judging from tepid fan reaction in the video, Lake Bell's scarlet pom-pom sleeved number made a poor substitute for Diaz. Does anyone else regard Bell as the poor man’s Amanda Peet? They both have that strong sexy nose thing going on, wide mouths, flashing eyes, but Peet seems infinitely more reserved.
Lake Bell and Amanda Peet looking so alike maybe the two celebrities were separated at birth
Not reading between the lines on this one -- Kutcher and Peet had no chemistry whatsoever in their box office bomb, A Lot Like Love. Maybe Bell got the part in his Vegas film because he's drawn to dark sultry and was going for more wild with his nasty.

Although judging from the latest movie trailer, if Kutcher wants more wild, he should stick to drunken jumps from second story windows.


Patrick Roberts said...

most of the chick flicks i've seen with Ashton Kutcher have been at least decently good... A Lot Like Love is one example

Anonymous said...

You know I dont know how Kutcher became who he is because he doesnt really have any good films. That 70's show didnt really show to me that he was able to command his own starring roles. Just check out this Kutcher post with pics of his Pepe Jeans photo shoot, too funny...Hes more of TV guy than a silver screen actor in my opinion. Hes even doing those camera commercials. Also, Cameron Diaz plays too many of the same roles, maybe thats why she didnt show up for the premier - Too embarrassed for being the same in every movie. And yes, I do agree with Bell as the poor man's Amanda Peet...Im going with Peet on this one!