Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Getting Outraged Over these Moments of All Time

Last night, NBC aired a 2-hour special "The 100 Most Outrageous Moments of All Time." Meh. If you could crack a smile at all the animal attacks, forces of nature splats, unfortunate collisions, and words you can't say on television, not much earth shattering here.

So, according to the number one most outrageous moment courtesy of The Newlywed Game, it's no urban legend that a hausfrau likes it up the wazoo. Ho hum. Must be a sign of the times. To generate an equivalent amount of outrage in today's marketplace, the hausfrau would have to answer something like "A threesome with monkeys in every orafice with my husband watching."

Was this a repeat? I was too busy to notice in February.

My favorite Miss South Carolina clip made it to the top twenty. Should have used this doctored update, now that might have generated actual outrage.