Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live Blogging Blues

5:57 p.m. Okay, okay. I know the live blogging isn't quite up to snuff. Four reasons:

One: The Renaissance D.C. Hotel. I must have lost my Internet connection at least four times in the middle of posting. Some areas are more conducive to live blogging than others. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in any of the seminar rooms.

Two: Whenever I put my PC into hibernate mode, my Internet connection dies. Thank goodness for blogger - it saves my drafts automatically. Otherwise, there would be very little to read. There's only so much time in a day to take out my computer, blog, then go through the steps of repairing my Internet connection.

Three: My PC's internal power stinks. About an hour of stored power and then it runs out. Basically, this means I must be plugged into an outlet to blog, not the easiest requirement to navigate for a live blogger.

Four: I'm green. I admit it. This is my trial by fire. I've been trying to keep up, but honestly, with all of my technological limitations, including my inability to upload the digital pictures I took this morning, I'm kind of at a disadvantage.

Lessons learned. On the other hand, I have made some exciting contacts here at the conference. I plan to make up for all my foibles, including a summary of the seminar I did in fact attend, right after the networking cocktail party. Which according to my calculations starts in three minutes. Cheers!