Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writers Coming in from Cold as WGA Strike (Almost) Ends

I have it on very good authority that the Writers Strike is steadily building to a much anticipated climax. Details to follow, although this excellent piece from Mashable provides a fairly detailed account. Thanks, guys and gals, for doing the hard leg work and making slackers like me look good.

Truthfully, I had more than inkling this last round of talks was the real deal. Former Sun reporter turned HBO The Wire script writer, Rafael Alvarez, spoke to my daughter's class this past Friday, then left abruptly for the left coast, ostensibly on word of the strike's imminent demise. Drat. If I had only known he was in town, I would have pestered him for an interview. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Still hoping to connect though he probably won't respond. Alvarez is an inspiration to any writer with a dream, but understandably occupied with bigger and better things.

Did possible cancellation of their biggest cash cow bring profit crazed producers to their knees? Reality TV and award shows turn awfully old fast. Finally, those greedy so-and-so's get a pinch of the same reality suffered by the people who make their livelihoods possible.

Can't want until Medium goes back into production. What shows have you been salivating for?