Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Super Delegate Controversy Explained

Confused about the ensuing controversy concerning the Democratic nomination for president? Think a super delegate is a comic strip hero? Unaware three more states will hold primary elections this week? Couldn't care less?

Meet Joshua Marshall, political blogger extraordinaire, whose website I frequent for serious political commentary. Lately, I've noticed TPM Media's foray into videos which, surprisingly, have been rather...well...yawn.

I'm one to talk with this puny, unattractive (but clean looking) blog, no original videos to speak of, and pathetic traffic, I know. Still, I can't help thinking an enjoyable blog like TPM deserves riveting stream. If temporary boredom is not a deterrent, watch Josh Marshall weigh in on the super delegate controversy.

I hope Mr. Marshall never reads this because I honestly like his blog. That sucking sound you hear is me trying to extract my nose from the brown.


BillyWarhol said...

I heard Barack Obama give his Victory Speech tonight in Houston + he sounded Great!! He is what America + the whole World needs right Now!!