Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day Civil Matters for Backlogged Celebrities

Civil litigation is all the rage from Hollywood to New York and abroad. Our feature "Civil Suits" keeps you abreast of developments in new and pending celebrity litigation.

Sir Paul will pay ex-wife Heather Mills a $145M structured settlement to shut 'er big yap and move along. Favorable publicity must mean a lot to that bloke. But then, what's $145M when you're worth $1.84B?

Constitutional law attorney, Jon Eardley, filed suit in federal court on behalf of Britney Spears. Her new gun for hire claims her father's continuing state conservatorship violates Britney's constitutional rights.

Lawyers for Prince, the Village People, and a host of other big names plan to slap Swedish file-sharing site, Pirate Bay, with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for illegal downloads. The brains behind the site were previously sued by studio goliaths.

The el Lay version of Graceland is under attack. The owners want to demolish the property, citing lack of privacy. Fans of Richard and Karen Carpenters' childhood home, featured on an album cover and site of Karen's final collapse, are seeking to preserve the structure.

Candy-coated chocolate is causing quite a stir in Manhattan. The "Naked Cowboy," as he is known to fans, is suing M&M Candy maker Mars for $6M, claiming stolen identity.

Senator Barack Obama was robbed in New York. Actually, a recount is underway for the Democratic presidential contender. Votes from many districts were not properly recorded and at least one City Councilman is crying foul.