Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kirsten is Just Fine. Not

Kirsten Dunst is still not over ex-boyfriend Jake GyllenhaalNo, no, Mary Jane. Say it aint' so.

Hot off her directorial debut at The Film Festival, blonde and beautiful Kirsten Dunst is reported to have checked into, a rehabilitation to the stars for substance addiction and other disorders. Just last week, reps for the Hollywood starlet insisted Kirsten was just fine.

In a tabloid world chock full of hardline partying antics, Paris, Lindsay, Tara, Britney, Amy, and Nicole standout as queens. 's fall from grace feels like a lob from left field. She's been a mere blip on gossip radar since her final split from . At least one snarky blogger suggests her recent erratic behavior resulted from a chance meeting in Utah.

If that's the case, we say get over it. There's plenty of fish in the sea. Learn from past mistakes, clean up your act, and start fresh. You've got plenty of time to meet Mr. Right. And unlike Delta Burke, you're still young with the whole world at your feet. The worst thing anyone can do is to keep beating themself up over things they can't change. Figure out what can be changed and go do it. Men are not the ice cream, they're just the cherry on the whipped cream.

Hugs and tugs to Mendes who should be shuffling back any minute.